About Me

My uncle used to shoot with a Nikormat film camera. I used to saw him and his works with all my surprises in my early primary school days. One day a friend of mine taught me how to make a camera like toy with a sheet from my exercise book. It gave a kind of shutter effect to my childhood soul. I felt like as grown up as my uncle and having the same possession. While everyone of my age was making rockets and ships with paper I was busy shooting them with my beloved camera.

With time I came to know it’s not the real one. And the worst, I didn’t have the money to buy a real one. I went to technical school with visual technique in mind. Returned home, with a degree in electrical engineering in hand and again optical illusion in my heart. In the meanwhile I learnt some A B C of photography from uncle, who is a banker but physics in soul. It was the time when digital cameras started dominating the photography market. So I never got the chance to click like my uncle. I don’t know how much I learnt in all these years, but still I take all my snaps with the same passion I used to take imaginary photographs with my paper toy.


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